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Urban treasure

Type: Residential

13 apartments

+ commercial on ground floor

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Status: Soon to be constructed


The project is a unique case in Tel Aviv of reinforcement and addition under TAMA 38, in an outline of a new wing. The existing building has elements that belong to the international architectural style which makes it very unique in the Shapira neighborhood.


The aesthetic values, combined with its strategic location in the center of the neighborhood's main street, will allow it to become an 'urban treasure' - a significant landmark in the renewal process the neighborhood is undergoing.


The project holds various planning challenges - from the licensing stage, where it was first necessary to define the manner of realizing the building rights, through adapting the existing apartments to the new floor plan, to work on the design of the combined wings of the building- the old and the new.


In order to emphasize and strengthen the architectural nature of the existing structure, its design style was emphasized by highlighting and adding matching design elements to the style.

The addition of the new wing, on the other hand, differs from the periodic appearance and is planned in a common contemporary language. Alongside the stylistic tension between the two wings, the materiality of the facades creates a connection and fusion between the two - using unified plaster, identical window profiles, and more.


The construction process consists of several main phases - strengthening the existing structure against earthquakes, building a new staircase between the existing wing and the new wing, the addition of the new wing, the adaptation of the existing apartments to the new floor planning, and the addition of a new one and a half floors.

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