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Campus 85

Type: Public

Haifa, Israel

Students Dormitory

Status: Competition, 3rd prize


A student's dormitory building maintains a complex program that requires a clear design of its components.


On the one hand, the dormitory is a home, a pleasant living environment that allows privacy and intimacy for every tenant, and on the other, a shared living space that allows a variety of uses; For educational, recreational and support activities.


Its location in the city of Haifa, a great distance from the Technion campus in the Carmel hills, transforms the Medicine student's dormitory building for A kind of an "Island", an extension of the campus on the other side of town. In my proposal, as a replacement for the Carmel campus spaces that allow for the variety of uses required to maintain a rich student community space, the dormitory will provide a parallel response, and will contain various types of shared spaces: dedicated program spaces, versatile spaces, and intermediate spaces.

Among the major design generators:


  • A strong connection with the street space and its activity, while linking existing public spaces adjacent to it.

  • Extending the public entrance floor to four levels of activity each defined by distinct use, different form, and connection of each to the immediate environment.

  • Use of the near and far urban landscape and "capture" it to create learning spaces in the heart of the residential floors that overlook the open landscape and create an innovative learning environment and meeting place.

The presence of a rich community and educational program in the heart of an old residential neighborhood has a rare potential. The shared spaces allow for public-community activities for the neighborhood's children and teens - lectures, community lessons, an open library, and a variety of recreational activities.

The high visibility from the neighborhood marks the building as A center that illuminates its environment with the program it maintains

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